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Stagecoach Group came about in 1980 with Coach Deregulation. They originally ran coaches between Scotland and London. Come bus deregulation in 1986 they started to expand into normal service bus work. Originally buses were white with three stripes of Red, Blue and Orange. This instantly recognisable livery could be seen across the UK and is now carried on a number of vehicles in preservation. In 2000 a new livery was introduced to replace the stripes, it was known as Stagecoach Swoops using the existing 3 colours plus Dark Blue on a off-white base. This livery has led to various reincarnations such as the Interconnect version in Lincolnshire to the Green Version carried on the Hybrid Buses. Other colours have been used as part of route branding.

Stagecoach is the UK's biggest bus operator and runs a number of well known brands such as Magic Bus and Megabus. They also involved in other lines of Transport such as the Railways with South West Trains and Trams with the Sheffield Supertram, these galleries will be available elsewhere on the site. Stagecoach also has a 49% in Virgin Trains Group. Stagecoach has operations in the USA and has in the past ran buses in Hong Kong (also once having a share in Hong Kong Citybus), New Zealand and Kenya (where the Dennis Dragons for Magic Bus in Manchester came from). Stagecoach did run Metrolink in Manchester before passing on the contract to RATP. Stagecoach currently have a share in the operations of Scottish Citylink, vehicles dedicated to this brand can be found in a different collection, though vehicles are shown in their operational and fleetnumber galleries.

As you can see below Stagecoach is divided into two sections. One for operations like Stagecoach In Bassetlaw, Megabus Branded vehicles etc, with links to pages for the fleets of Stagecoach North East and Stagecoach West Scotland. The other section divides Stagecoach's National Fleetnumber system that was introduced in 2003.

Stagecoach UK Bus
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Stagecoach UK Bus
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