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Your Bus is owned by the Dunn family (Formerly owners of Dunn-Line until they sold it to Veolia). They started operating services based on the City of Nottingham in 2009. Over the years through the winning of contracts and the retreat of Veolia they have expanded. They have a large operation running from the former Veolia depot in Tuxford covering services based on the town of Retford that were previously ran by Veolia. Also through winning Contracts they have expanded in Derbyshire. With the retreat of Veolia, they took over their Durham operations (That were previously Dunn-Line) and gained most of the National Express contracts that Veolia had running from the depots that it got from Dunn-Line originally.

Operation Last Updated Number of Photos
Your Bus Derbyshire
Services running in Derbyshire
Coming Soon
Your Bus Durham
Formerly Veolia Durham
2012 1
Your Bus Nottingham City
Services running in the City of Nottingham
Coming Soon
Your Bus Nottinghamshire
Services running in Nottinghamshire (Tuxford Depot)
Coming Soon

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