Veolia Transport Photo Index

Veolia is a French company that was originally known as Connex. In 2011 Veolia started to wind up it's operations in the UK and also merged with Transdev that year. However it announced in 2012 that it has pulled out of the joint agreement with Transdev and is now pulling out of the Transportation business altogether in the UK.

Veolia was a complex operation and more companies might appear below. The ones that appear at the moment are ones that I know I've got photos of.

Operator Country Last Update Number of Photos
Veolia Cymru
Wales - Bebb, Shamrock, Pullman to name a few.
Coming Soon
Veolia Durham
Tyne and Wear & County Durham
Was Originally Dunn Line Durham
Now Part of Your Bus - Your Bus Durham
2011 10
Veolia Midlands
Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire & Yorkshire
Was Originally Dunn-Line
Nottingham Ops sold to Premiere.
Other remaining operations to Your Bus.
Coming Soon
Veolia York
Sold to Transdev
Coming Soon

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