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The Traction group came into existence at De-Regulation in 1986 when Frank Carter purchased Yorkshire Traction from the National Bus Company. In 1988 he started buying other operators starting with Lincolnshire RoadCar. In 1990 Tom Jowitt Travel (which became Barnsley & District) was purchased. In 1991 Strathtay Scottish was brought into the fold. Then followed by Lincoln City Transport in 1993 and in 1995 the four operators by the names of Andrews, Sheffield Omnibus, South Riding and Yorkshire Terrier (all eventually merged under Yorkshire Terrier). Traction Group did have a minor shareholding in London Traveller until that company was sold to Thorpes.

Operator Country Last Update Number of Photos
Barnsley & District Coming Soon
RoadCar Coming Soon
Strathtay Buses Coming Soon
Yorkshire Terrier Coming Soon
Yorkshire Traction Coming Soon

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