About GJM Photogenic

GJM Photogenic is a website that is ran by me, Gary James Mitchelhill. The vast majority of the photos on this website are taken by me. However there is some photos taken by 2 other people available on my website. These are photos taken by my Dad and my younger brother Daryl.

GJM Photogenic came about in August 2010 after an unsatisfactory experience with fotopic. After a short period of testing with Flickr I decided to start using them to host my photos. It turned out to be a good move as soon after in early 2011 Fotopic disappeared.

Under fotopic I developed galleries under the names of GJM Bus Photos, Arriva NE Bus Photos, Go North East Bus Photos, Mainline Rail Photos and many more. When I moved across to Flickr, I decided that everything should come under a common name, that being GJM Photogenic.

From using Flickr, I wasn't entirely satisfied that I was using it to the full strength and I wanted to get more out of it and also make it easier for visitors who want to see my photos get around the site. With Flickr, there was no personalisation in how you could set up your menu, and I find that you can easily miss an interesting collection, as if you look at lots of them on one page they all start to look the same.

I started to plan the Website early in 2012 with pages slowly being made. Sometimes this would take longer then planned because I lacked motivation. In August, I thought about setting a date for the website launch, which was the 26th October 2012 (which was also my birthday). However I decided to postpone it because again I lost momentum. Fortunately in October 2012, the website because largely complete as I became or organised in my plans. On Christmas Day 2012, I finally revealed the launch date for my website, which was 01/01/2012 at 10pm (GMT). As I am writing this now, I've still got a handful of pages to do. Fortunately they are straight forward pages.

Anyway about myself, you would have clicked on a photo of yours truly to access this page. Anyway I'm wandering from the point. I was born in 1984 at South Tyneside General Hospital. I've grown up over the years originally in Willington Quay, and later on in Rosehill. I've had an interest in buses and trains from about the age of 3.

My favourite vehicles are the Leyland Olympian / ECW with Cummins L10 engine coupled to a Voith 4 speed gearbox. The main vehicles being the B-GCN and C-LJR registered vehicles delivered to Northern.

I have had several photos published in Books and Magazines. Plus I've had photos used in an information poster and an advert for a model bus.

I have many favourite photos on Flickr taken by various people around the world and you can see all the photos I've made a favourite HERE these photos are the property of their authors.

Anyway I hope you enjoy looking at my website and my photos. I hope you return again soon.

Thank You.
Gary Mitchelhill

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